Fight Back With Fitness

Further Reading.... 

Once you start to look, you will find there are thousands of very good quality research papers about Breast Cancer and Exercise.  To see the details of the articles featured here, click the writing in the pink boxes above each article's picture.
It's great that you want to be informed about your condition.

It is also really important when researching your Breast Cancer to avoid sources that are not based on bona fide medical research.  As everyone knows, there's a lot of 'quacks' on the internet.  

If at any time, your reading raises distressing concerns for you, talk to your Breast Care Nurse.  Everyone's specific breast cancer story is unique.  Your BCN can put the science into perspective for YOU.
On this page you will find the best articles we encounter as we come across them.  We will try to post a mix of easy-to-follow articles but also some that get really into the details and the data - for those of you who really want to know.