About Blush

The Blush committee was formed in 2015 by a group of passionate women. In 2016, we became an incorporated association: Blush Cancer Care Inc. The women behind Blush bring with them their expertise in the fields of: medicine, business, marketing and event management. They are all volunteers and give their time and support to this cause. 

Blush also have a strong relationship with both of Toowoomba’s private hospitals: St Vincent’s and St Andrews.

Our Objective

is to raise funds that will enhance the care of breast cancer patients in Toowoomba and the Darling Downs. While it is necessary to devote funding for ongoing research, it’s also important to support those who are in the midst of this illness. Blush is active in supporting patients both at the time of diagnosis and acute care, but also beyond that time when they no longer have constant contact with medical personnel.

Did you know

One out of every eight Australian women and one out of every 715 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

. . .

Many of us know someone who has been diagnosed , whether it be a family member, a friend, a work colleague or a sporting buddy. Fortunately, breast cancer patients now have longer survival rates. However, the diagnosis brings enormous emotional upheaval for those affected, along with their immediate and extended families.

Did you know

In one year, between St Andrews & St Vincent’s …

See approximately 180 new breast cancer referrals,  either surgically or as an oncology referral.

Carry out around 1,195 face to face contacts annually; in the ward post operatively, in oncology, as wellness contacts or drop-ins to the diagnostic breast cancer suite.

Conduct around 2,750 non face to face contacts annually, these being phone calls, emails or texts.

They coordinate forums, the wellness exercise program & metastatic forums.

Our Mission

To provide education and support services that will
positively impact the wellbeing of patients and community members who have been affected by breast cancer in the Toowoomba and darling downs regions and our vision is to better the lives of our breast cancer community.


To be supportive, community minded, transparent,
ethical, compassionate, to work collaboratively, to work innovatively, using evidence based guidelines andshow honesty, integrity and be inclusive.

Blush is making a difference in the lives of women in Toowoomba and the Downs!

Locals Supporting Locals

Although there are many breast cancer fundraising organisations, all doing important work, all money raised or donated to Blush stays right here in the Toowoomba and Darling Downs community, and is used for patient care, education and wellbeing.

As a result of the business and community support since our inception, Blush has been able to introduce new and innovative projects that assist breast cancer patients and their families.

Blush is making a difference in the lives of women in Toowoomba and the Downs!

Blushing Updates

President’s Report 2018

I would like to thank you everyone for hours spent
devoted to Blush Cancer Care in 2018.

I believe that Blush has consolidated its position in the Toowoomba
Community. Unheralded patients have stated the impact that Blush has
had on their life. One patient, to the point, where she said she did not
think she would be here without Blush.

Once again, this year we have had external groups planning events and
raising funds for Blush. The efforts of such people as Hanneke in Warwick,
The Royal Agricultural Society Queensland Ladies Auxiliary, Ruth Moss, The
Willowburn Football Club, Sue Kirkegard, Minx Hair Design, Toowoomba
Golf Club both Men and Women’s groups, The Toowoomba Tennis
Association, in particular the HBTI tournament, and Rotary in
assisting Blush with funds is sincerely appreciated.

In the last year we have handed out over 200 Breast Care Bundles,
assisted in funding 1,120 hours of Breast Care nurses hours, fed watered
and provided an educational day for over 150 patients at the Forum, put
60 patients through Fitlab , this equates to 3,240 hours of fully supervised
and specifically designed exercises for patients post breast cancer.
Initiated the Advanced Breast Cancer Forum group, after hosting the
initial forum for this group. Handed out 200 patient diaries, 360 bras
and many fluffy ducks. We have spoken at many venues to increase
breast cancer awareness. Between our little committee at least 2000
hours volunteered time to coordinate services and raise funds.
Additional hours have been extended to apply for grants and I don’t
think we can tally the hours that has led to the launch of our website
or perpetually keeping the accounting in hand. The Fitlab program has
increased the workload for the Breast Care Nurses and I thank them
as this is proving to be a resounding support and even a turning
point in recovery for many patients.

The Steering Committee meetings have been held over with only one
meeting to follow after the upcoming AGM at which we will report our
activities for this year, and thank the hospitals for their support and in
particular funding for the reprint of diaries.

Consolidation of our aims and goals will be explored at a brief planning
morning to follow on from this AGM. I note that in going forward we need
to recruit additional personnel to assist in the working of this group to
dissipate the load so that Blush is sustainable.

I would like to record our appreciation for all the work Maree Parsons and
Cassie Hunter have contributed to Blush. We wish both of these women
well and thank them for their input. I also thank everyone here and also
the extended Blush family of respective partners and children. I do know
it is a big ask to give many hours to Blush when everyone already has
very hectic schedules.

In going forward in 2019 and beyond, if we can maintain the level of
dedicated work and care by the committee Blush will continue to support
those unfortunate to have a breast cancer diagnosis. I think this is done at
a level which exceeds many other patient support groups and is changing
recovery outcomes and overall health of the people we are able to support.

I think Andrew Carnegie said it best,

“Teamwork is the ability to work together

toward a common vision. The ability to

direct individual accomplishments toward

organizational objectives. It is the fuel

that allows common people to attain

uncommon results.”

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