Fight Back With Fitness

All About  DEXA Scans..

Some words here from QLD X-Ray all about DEXA's

How a DEXA Scan helps YOU

A DEXA Scan gives you and your health care team a very clear picture of what areas your exercise program should focus on.  After the FBWF program, a repeat DEXA lets you see your progress.  

This can be very motivating because the scales don't always tell the full picture.  You may lose fat and gain muscle without seeing any change in the bathroom scales.  That is exactly what happened for the woman in the images below.  She lost as much weight in fat as she gained in muscle! 

On the other hand, a DEXA lets you see where you would benefit from a change in approach.  For instance, if you gained muscle, lost fat from your arms and legs but not so much from your abdomen, the Exercise Physiologists can adjust your program to focus more on abdominal fat. 


Along with FitLab, Queensland X-Ray has been the other major contributor to the success of the Fight Back With Fitness program.  Their support has been unwavering since we first started back in 2015.  

In addition to providing 2 free DEXA Scans for every FBWF Participant, they have also contributed a large portion of the funding to make the program free for all the women referred to it by the Blush Cancer Care Nurses.  

This has been vital in helping our patients adopt an extremely important life-style change at a time when change can feel somewhat overwhelming.  

Blush Cancer Care Inc. is proud and grateful to have this support from QLD X-Ray.