Blushing Pink Day

Any day or days you choose in the month of October 2023
The Classic Blushing Pink Day involves Team Members wearing PINK for a day  . . . . . .    and paying a donation to Blush for the opportunity! (usually $5.00pp).
You can also invite customers to make a  donation  in  recognition  of  the Team's effort.  If you send us photos they are proudly displayed on our website and FaceBook pages.  We find this is simple and effective. 

But there's many other ways to do a Blushing Pink Day:             
Have a pink themed meal break at which participants pay a donation to Blush.  This can be a Lunch, a Morning Tea or an Afternoon tea; maybe a BBQ or a simple Sausage Sizzle 
Other options are: 
Host a High Tea @ Home
Run a Cake Stall 
Organise a Fun Run 
Organise a Raffle 

Or you might have your own terrific idea!
It just needs to be something that brings people together, raises awareness of Breast Cancer in our community and raises some funds for Blush.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please send us an email.